City Guide

Explore Saint Petersburg

The stunningly beautiful city of Saint Petersburg Russia is like a little slice of Europe that has been transported to the Russian countryside. This unique city is quite different than most Russian cities, with its bold geometric lines and its carefully planned architecture. In fact architecture buffs will find a lot to love in this stunning Russian cities, and architectural walking tours are always popular attractions for both first time and returning visitors.

The city of Saint Petersburg gets its name from its legendary founder Peter the Great, and the city has been a part of art and literature ever since. The art scene of Saint Petersburg was legendary right from the start, and the fine and performing arts are still popular attractions. Visitors to this world class city should be sure to catch the world famous Russian Ballet. Visitors can also delight in the beautiful architecture of the city, as well as exploring the many fine museums that call the city home.

There is so much to see and do in this world class city that first time visitors should allow at least three to five days to take it all in. If your time is limited a good place to start is Vasilievsky Island. This part of he city of Saint Petersburg is home to many of the historic sites that give the city its soul, including the famous Rostral Columns and the stunning Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

While in the area visitors should be sure to visit the world famous Hermitage, arguably one of the finest art museums in the entire world. If you took five minutes to explore each work of art in the Hermitage you would be there for many years, and visitors should allow plenty of time for even the most casual visit. Plan to spend at least an entire morning or afternoon simply wandering through the many stunning galleries of this world class art collection. The State Museum of Russian Art is another must see attraction, and no art lover can afford to miss out on the fine works of art it houses.

Visitors to Saint Petersburg should also be sure to take an excursion to Pushkin. Once the exclusive residence of the Imperial family, this area has also served as a resort for Russian aristocracy, from the founding of the city until modern times. Catherine Palace is arguably the most famous attraction in Pushkin, and it is a must see for any first time visitor to the city. The park surrounding the palace is a stunning attraction in itself, with is waterfalls, statues and lovely boating ponds.

After exploring these beautiful attractions you may want to return to the city center and spend some time simply wandering through the interior streets. A good place to start is the Square of the Arts, where you can visit the Ethnogrpahy Museum and the beautiful Church of the Savior. You should also make time to visit the magnificent Summer Garden, a great place to relax and unwind after a busy day of sightseeing. The nearby Kazan Cathedral is another wonderful attraction – one that is certainly worth a look.

If you are looking for something a little different you may want to take an exciting hydrofoil ride to nearby Peterhof, located just west of Saint Petersburg. If you are lucky enough to be visiting Saint Petersburg in the summer you can enjoy the magnificent fountains and lush parks that dot the area. Even when the gardens are not in bloom you can visit the Great Palace and the stunning Menshikov Palace, the first stone building in the Saint Petersburg region.

No matter where you choose to start your Saint Petersburg adventure, or how long you plan to stay, this magnificent city is sure to make a strong impression. In fact many first time visitors to Saint Petersburg end up loving the city so much that they return to this wonderful location again and again. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder so many travelers find themselves drawn to this unique, and uniquely Russian, city.