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Private Combo Tour to Pushkin + Pavlovsk

Private Combo Tour to Pushkin + Pavlovsk

Duration : ~8 hours
Location: St Petersburg, Russian Federation

Starting from: €310,00

  The Pavlovsk Palace and park ensemble is located 13 miles (27 kilometers) away from St.Petersburg. The original estate was around 1500 acres and was a gift from Catherine to Paul on the birth of his first son, the future Tsar Alexander I, in 1777, so that he could build his summer residence here.. Work on the palace began in 1781 under the direction of the famous Scottish architect, Charles Cameron. Being one of Catherine's favorite architects did not enamour him with Paul and his wife Maria. Paul detested his mother and had a habitual aversion to her favorites. After Cameron's departure, many other architects worked at Pavlovsk, including Voronikhin, Brenna, Rossi and others. Pavlovsk has a dual look and feel, which reflects the different outlook and tastes of its oweners, Paul and Maria. Pauls hand can be seen in prominent militaristic motifs throughout many of the state rooms, while elsewherecan see the exquisite and refined tastes of his wife at work.Following the Revolution of 1917, the Pavlovsk Palace was turned into a museum. The Nazis who seized the area during World War II destroyed the palace and looted its many treasures. It took over 20 years to recreate the beauty of the Pavlovsk complex following a painstaking reconstruction using original designs and broken fragments of works of art.

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Additional info: this tour must be booked at least 3 days in advance of travel (except days off and public holidays in Russia). This tour is operated in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Polish.

If you make an order less than 3 days prior to the excursion the cost is to be increased by 30 %

Infants (0-3 years old) are free of charge

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