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You will learn the colorful history and culture of St. Petersburg’s significant Jewish community.
Starting from: €139,00 Details
This 1 day tour is designed to give those on ships which have a 1 day port call in St Petersburg, the most complete overview of the city.
Starting from: €159,00 Details
Interactive shore tour in Saint-Petersburg during 2 days.
Starting from: €229,00 Details
This program is for those who would like to visit and see all the main highlights of St-Petersburg!
Starting from: €250,00 Details
The tragedy of the life of the last Russian Emperor and the German Princess Alexandra. Happiness in the family and fall of the Empire, mystery of holy man.
Starting from: €299,00 Details
The main accent will be made on beautiful Royal Palaces of Saint-Petersburg.
Starting from: €309,00 Details
Insightful tour for those who had already visited St. Petersburg before.
Starting from: €179,00 Details
This tour goes at a more leisurely pace with more time for flexibility. This tour is most suitable for slow walkers and elderly persons.
Starting from: €125,00 Details
Two day All-inclusive Group tour (guaranteed departure tour).
Starting from: €300,00 Details
This 2 full day program is tailored for the cruise ship passenger who wants to see the most St. Petersburg has to offer.
Starting from: €299,00 Details
This Tour is being a complete experience of St. Petersburg and surrounding palace estates over 3 full days.
Starting from: €399,00 Details
St Petersburg's only caviar restaurant, experience the finest Russian cuisine in a stunning art nouveau setting.
Starting from: €467,00 Details
Experience the luxury of a magnificent dinner, repeating an amazing banquet held in honor of the coronation of Nicholas II.
Starting from: €222,00 Details
When you come to St. Petersburg as a tourist or a business traveler, you will certainly need to buy souvenirs for your relatives and friends.
Starting from: €12,00 Details
Tour includes introduction to the most famous and historical sites in the center of St. Petersburg with numerous photo opportunities.
Starting from: €69,00 Details
Enjoy a romantic way to experience St.Petersburg by horse and carriage.
Starting from: €104,00 Details
A guided tour to Imperial Porcelain Manufactory with it’s famous collection of porcelain masterpieces.
Starting from: €115,00 Details
Have you ever dreamed of the fabulous balls in the magnificent palaces? Your dream will come true in Royal Palace on Yelagin Island in St. Petersburg.
Starting from: €51,00 Details
You will start your tour on the pier where your cruise ship docks and delivered to Peter and Paul's Fortress.
Starting from: €80,00 Details
Together with the Fairy from “Cinderella” the children explore the Catherine Block Palace in Peterhof.
Starting from: €50,00 Details
Walk among the fountains, looking at the flowers and trees of the Lower Park. Visiting the birds at the Swan pond – swans, Canadian geese and sheld ducks.
Starting from: €50,00 Details
The tour takes place in Marly Palace. Children are met by the fairy who reminds them the fairy tale of the princess and the pea, shows the unique collection
Starting from: €50,00 Details
We invite you on our tour dedicated to the history of the St. Petersburg theater XVIII-early twentieth centuries.
Starting from: €35,00 Details
The unique experience of your lifetime - St Petersburg helicopter tour. You will be taking a flight on the most produced helicopter in the world - MI-8.
Starting from: €378,00 Details
Explore enchanting St Petersburg and the picturesque banks of the Gulf of Finland by yacht sightseeing cruise along the Neva River.
Starting from: €144,00 Details
Along the way children get to know myths and legends of the park, draw the swans while sitting on bench by the pond.
Starting from: €40,00 Details
This tour includes a visit of one rooftop with magnificent panoramic views of Saint-Petersburg center with professionally prepared experts – roofers.
Starting from: €35,00 Details
Tsarskoselskaya Amber Workshop – is the most famous in the world for recreation of the Amber Room for the Catherine Palace.
Starting from: €62,00 Details


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